ssh configurations are nice

configuring ssh is usally not necessary, it comes with great defaults.

but there are many options, and some day i got bored and gave it a try. it helped me find a ton that i feel do legitmately help. since i use ssh tons of times every day, it was well worth my time to configure. maybe you should consider it!

setting a default user

if your target machine has a different username than your host machine, it can be annoying to sepcify a different one. setting a default user is nice!

aliases for hostnames

if you have a machine with a hard to remember domain or ip or whatever, aliases have been one of the nicest for me.

multiplexing connections

if you connect to the same ssh server multiple times from different terminals this allows it to reuse the connection and connect almost instantly

gpg agent with ssh

if you use gpg, it can be highly conveient to use it to manage your ssh keys as well.


btw this is good1

Match host * exec "gpg-connect-agent UPDATESTARTUPTTY /bye"